Requiem of Oblivion

Year 4

Excerpts from Rayne’s Journal

411, Juillion 17

We’ve made it to Kaldonis. This is where that anal general keeps it. His journal. The man keeps a journal of every tactic that’s ever worked and not worked for him. It is where he writes down every human and non human interaction he’s had. I just need to find the right year, and then I’ll know. Who knew it would be this easy? Easy being the relative term. We still have to sneak into his living quarters without being seen and find the dang thing. Not like he just keeps it on his nightstand. This will take a lot of planning.

411, Seption 11

Tonight’s the night. If I don’t write in here again we all know Tolaska found us and had us executed.

411, Seption 12

I was certain the previous entry in this journal would have been my last. The gods of thievery must have been with us. Besides a few dead guards, there wasn’t much trouble. We found the journal thanks to Chauncy’s magic and I stole the books I thought I’d need. Of course reading it would not turn out to be as easy as I had hoped. The infuriating man wrote in a code. It will take some time to decipher them. Chauncy thinks we should go see the others in the imperial city and have our vampire take a look at it. He should be able to make something out of it. I agree, and I have missed everyone. With this maybe I’ll remember who I was.

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A windless night on the eve of the New Moon
Written in Elven
Tirhaskan’s back and completely ignoring the Tiamat alter. I think she’d have been fine with it if there was also a Raven Queen alter, but really, she knows we’re not that religious. Still, I’ll talk to Radu about it and see if he can find one for her. Religion aside, my little familiar has informed me that we will begin training tomorrow in the true arts of a witch. Apparently I’ve learned too much from the wizards I’ve met on the road. Radu’s offered to help, as to be expected. Seeing as he’s strong enough to be target practice, neither Tirhaskan nor I objected.

A breezy twilight
Written in Deep Speech and in code
Work’s picked up for both Radu and me. We’ve even had a few missions together. By now, I’ve canvased the whole of the Feywild…for the most part. My quest for knowledge has left we with the words of traveler’s to look too, seeing as there are no books here with the knowledge I seek. Oh, how I despise dealing with people. I’d look elsewhere, perhaps in the natural world, if only I could get my superiors to give me a mission beyond the Feywild.

A week before Tiamat Day-chilly
Written in Elven
Radu’s come down with some strange illness. Strange in that none of the local witches know how to cure him. But how can one cure an illness that is self-inflicted. I can feel it. His very soul is becoming like unto my own. Whereas my origin changed naturally, he’s forcing it to happen. It wouldn’t have been possible, I’m sure, if it wasn’t an inevitable change. Still, I worry for him. We won’t be going to Tiamat Day this year, it would seem. I’ve somehow managed to get the Full Moon witches to agree to help stabilize him until this illness passes. I’m not worried about him surviving; we both’ve lived through worse, but the less emotional scarring it leaves, the better.


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