Requiem of Oblivion

Year 3

Excerpts from Rayne’s Journal

410, 21 Janvius
The nightmares won’t stop. They began in Oction in the imperial city. Everything there, it reminds me…it reminds me of what! I see the scars on my hand and I know it’s not just some accident with a throwing knife. I can see them, laughing over me. “We’re supposed to kill her,” one says. “No, this is better,” the bastard answers. It’s him, I know it’s him. That evil Tolaska. Vlad Tolaska. He should be dead. He fought Orcus! Why is he still alive!

410, 26 Janvius
Chauncy has noticed I stopped sleeping. He’s worried. But I can’t sleep. They’ll find me, they’ll see me. Laugh over me. I’ll kill them! But who? Who will I kill. That infernal song plays through my head. "Vi gûl hiril, vi orod
nin nurar. Nurar.
Sina veth baden
im derel.
Vi duath, Vi duath "
Everyday, I hear it, it haunts me. Why? It’s just a childs song. Made up, nonsense! They should all die. Who must die? Why do they have to die?

410, 8 Mars
Chauncy is my saviour. No other creature could be this kind. He saved me from myself again. And now I remember. Not everything, but enough. It’s time for me to quit playing the humble hunter. It’s time to follow the clues.

410, 15 Avrilion
Chauncy just won’t listen to reason. We can’t both go, who will keep our responsibilities here. Who will be here when Arshes comes to visit. He knows he’ll be in the worst kind of danger if he goes with me. And most of my mission requires the up most stealth. I need to find out why. Why did Tolaska send the Claws of Yalas after me. It has to be him, right? No one else I know could be as powerful as to hire them. But he had me captured and at his mercy. Why am I not dead yet?

410, 5 Mai
Chauncy has become ever vigilant of me. He sticks to me like glue. He knows I want to give him the slip. He’s just too stubborn. Much too stubborn for me. I guess I’m going to have to take him with me. I just hope he realizes what he’s gotten himself into. He’s really just a kid after all- Even if he’s considered one of the great heroes who saved the world.

410, 30 Seption
We’re heading to the Imperial city. Our quest will start there. We’ll head there under the guise of seeing all our friends. Then at the end of the celebrations we’ll begin the search as brother and sister humans. We’ll be more inconspicuous that way. Not very many tieflings that travel in dragonborn company. Chauncy wants to leave a not to Arshes so she won’t worry. It’s dangerous to do as such, so we’ve decided he will have to lie to her. It’s not that I don’t trust Arshes, but you can’t tell anyone what you don’t know. It’ll be safer for her that way. It’s bad enough Chauncy will be put in danger.

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A chilly dawn
Written in Primordial
Apparently Arshes visited Radu while I was away on…business. He only bothered to tell me when I mentioned that the war ring that I had given him seemed to be missing from his finger. He said he gifted it to his fellow swordmage to keep her safe on her travels. Understandable, considering how we both value the young Genasi.

A cool and cloudy evening
Written in Elven
We set a record this year. We’ve now had two visitors. Thorn somehow found his to Mithrendain the other day. I must say, I am quite thankful for his visit. If it wasn’t for him, I might never have known that Radu has been tying me to the bed to keep me from floating off with all of the blankets while I slept.

A calm midday
Written in Common
Anastrianna and her mate, Zandrial left this morning. Radu’s been depressed since. He really like the panthers. Now that I can no longer speak to them, I’ve felt that this day’s been inevitable. I’ll take him out to eat tonight to see if that will cheer him up.

Tiamat Day-Finally, some rain
Written in Supernal
We arrived early enough this past week for me to finish spelling the roof. Just in time, too, since Tiamat Day experienced a few heavy showers, though it didn’t dampen the festival even remotely. At least now Gilresh won’t have to worry about the roof rotting and falling in on him. Radu spent most of the time asking Gilresh all about Tiamat, and somehow managed to order a Tiamat alter for our house. Neither of us have ever been very religious, but it’s the thought that counts. I’m not sure how Tirhaskan’s going to feel about it, though. Fortunately, she won’t know about it until it’s too late, seeing as she’s off wondering again. Perhaps she’s visiting Anastrianna. They always seemed to get along fine. Radu and I ended the festival in the usual manner, satiated. I must say I am rather getting to like the Imperial City.


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