Requiem of Oblivion

Year 2

Excerpts from Rayne’s Journal

409, Avrilion 3.
I heard Chauncy humming the sweetest tune while grooming the lizards the other day. I asked him where he’d learned it and he looked at my slightly puzzled for a second. It seems it’s something I hum whenever I go out to practice throwing my knives. I never noticed I hummed anything. I didn’t even know I knew any songs. Must be one of those nursery rhyme things you never forget. Even if you can’t remember how old you are.

409, Avrilion 7
After sitting for an afternoon with non stop thinking, I think I have finally remember the first line of that nursery rhyme! “You must know what I now know” It’s really pretty! I sing it all the time, who knew I could sing? I think Chauncy’s going to get annoyed if I don’t learn another verse though. He insists that he doesn’t know this nursery rhyme. Maybe dragonborn just have really different childhood songs than tieflings. Probably something about how great Balasar defeated the evil Leucis. Meanwhile the tiefling song must be about how the great Leucis defeated the evil Balasar. I’m sure that’s it.

409, Avrilion 11
We were in Fourfalls today. Great news! Annabell, the bartenders daughter, is going to be married. Seems she met a very handsome soldier during the rebuilding and he’s been visiting her whenever he’s on leave. I asked her if she’d ever her a song that started with “You must know what I now know.” She says she hasn’t, but if it’s a tiefling thing I should go ask another tielfing. They’ve got to know something, right?

409, Avrilion 12
Lucky me! A tiefling caravan just wandered in from Bael Turath to sell their wares. Unlucky me, not a one knows the song at all. In fact the more I talk with them the more I suspect I didn’t grow up over there or around too many other tieflings. They were just awful to Chauncy when he came by my side. I didn’t realize the hate ran so deep. I guess it’s really weird that we live together. They did sell me a few new books to read as well as general lore. Though I’m sure they tried to rip me off. The jerks. I made sure they’d regret ripping off an innocent customer such as myself. Now Chauncy and I can go buy some fancy food for the lizards. We’re eating good tonight!

409, Avrilion 18
I remembered the second line last night. I dreamed it I think. It must be because it was plaguing my mind. “Vi gûl hiril, vi orod,” This is no tiefling song. It’s elvish. It means roughly “In the witch mountains” in the common tongue. Why do I even know Elvish?

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A cloudy evening
Written in Draconic
Finished reading the last tome of our local library. Rediscovering my ability to perfectly recall all helped speed up the process. It’s astounding what one can forget with disuse. I wonder what else I could have forgotten. It would seem that I’ve also started picking up a few languages as a result as well. Perhaps they might help in my search.

A slight drizzling afternoon
Written in Primordial and in code
Radu’s nervous, as seems to be the usual these days. Our superiors must have told him that I have requested extra work that involves travel. I swear, they like him too much. If only I believed it was merely my safety he was worried about. As it were, I now have access to more libraries, and to more knowledge, so long as I keep performing my job perfectly, as always.

A misty morning
Written in Deep Speech
Strange things have been happening lately. Anastrianna won’t talk to me much anymore, and Tirhashkan left. Wherever that crazy little kitten got off to better include souvenirs, for all the trouble Radu’s giving me about his disappearance; Tirhashkan is more than capable of handling herself. Perhaps even better than me. But stranger still, it seems, is that the shadows have begun to speak to me, as the Feywild once did, but does no longer.

Noon on the Full Moon
Written in Elven and in code
My clan visited me to inform me of my swift removal from the clan registrar. It would seem that the gradual changes I had observed in my very soul were not so gradual. The ways of the light, even if it be only moonlight, have left me, they said. No word of opposition could I produce. I agreed with them. I could no longer produce such a glorious presence as I once could. Now, the true face of my witch brings only fear. My path now lies beneath the darkness of the New Moon.

Midnight on the New Moon
Written in Elven and in code
Tirhashkan finally returned, walking among shadows as if they were her very fur, with a souvenir: my first ritual book. I was instructed, as I always am with her, that not all witches are granted the knowledge of how to perform rituals. Not all witches, she informed me, have the patience for the art. And yes, ritual casting is indeed an art. Though I must say, how difficult can it be to perform a ritual that reads omens. The very nature of a witch is intertwined with prophesy.

Tiamat Day-must it always be this sunny
Written in Supernal
Is there no way that Tiamat Day can become Tiamat Night? Surely then the ground might not be so hot! Not that me feet ever touch the ground anymore. As Radu enjoyed the festivities I went to have words with Gilresh. It was merely a small matter concerning his temple, but he seemed more than enthusiastic about it. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s Dragonborn or because he’s Tiamat’s high priest, but either way, I do not know how he can find a little ritual casting here and there that exciting. When Radu finally found me, I was stuck on the roof, preserving it, while a fascinated teenage Dragonborn watched me from the ground. Now, I must say that I only ended up occupying about 5 minutes of the High Priest’s time, as it was merely the first casting and we were making sure everything went well. But nevertheless, Radu informed me that if I was to continue to do this each year, which I will, we would be coming several days earlier, so as not to distract anyone during this time of celebration. When he speaks so eloquently, who could argue against him. And as the year before, we satisfied our hungers with a partner or two before slipping off into the night.


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