Requiem of Oblivion

Year 1 after the defeat of Atropus

year 1

Excerpts from Rayne’s journal

408, Novion 3
It was wonderful to see everyone again after so long. Chauncy and I have a sweet riding lizard farm set up and we go into Four-falls for other supplies we might need. Like salt. You’d be amazed how quick one can go through salts. Whenever we’re in town we’d check out the Delver’s office in case Arshes has left a note there. We get sent by the office from time to time to take care of some of the left over undead wandering outside Four-falls. It’s fun to travel together again during those times. It’s also nice to not constantly be worried if you’ll be dead tomorrow.

Because it takes about a week to get to the imperial city, we’d planned to stay there for two weeks to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Gilresh was fretting and running around trying to make sure the first Tiamat day went on without a hitch. You wouldn’t believe how many times a straight male dragon could say, “No! Not chartreuse. Green, like leaf green!”

Tiamat day was wonderful! There were kiosks selling all sorts of sweets and rare treats in our empire. There was a bread baking competition on who could bake the most Tiamat inspired bread. Some strange boy with solar hands or something like that won. It was beautiful. The five heads were interwoven in their 5 colors. I was so surprised you could get those colors in bread! I’ve only ever seen brown bread. Unless you count the time Chauncy and I tried to eat some moldy green bread in the dwarven ruins.
Kids ran around wearing crazy dragon masks pretending to fight one another. The dragon parade began about midday and they would through sweets to the crowd if anyone fed a gold piece to a dragon.

We were all a little surprised to see Thorn at the reunion. Thorn seemed a little surprised himself. He’d spent the last year travelling from village to village acting as a Saint come to heal the sick and maimed. Seems he’s been curing corruption left and right left by the undead. I think one of the villages we passed on the way here worshiped him as a god or something.

Chauncy and I slipped away to leave flowers on all our fallen comrades. Chauncy looked very upset while we stood above their graves. He must have been thinking about the lich bitch. We still haven’t found a lead on Caira, she all but disappeared from the face of the planet when Atropus fled.

Random made it to the first Tiamat day! I guess even an incredibly private individual likes to celebrate once in awhile.
Our vampire looked a little sad about something but he wouldn’t say why. Best not to delve into an older beings problems. Especially when you have so many of your own. He did have interesting news though. He said he was writing down the tale of our adventure. I suggested that if it makes him beaucoup bucks we should definitely have share in the royalties.

After all that catching up, we all went on our separate ways again. Chauncy and I returned to our humble riding lizard farm.

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A Particularly Dreary Day-The sun was shining
Written In Elven and in Code
Gave my report of the events that occurred while I was traveling with the most misfit, yet most effective, party I had ever seen. My superiors understood my disposition towards open fame and agreed to keep my involvement in saving the world under raps. Come tomorrow, life shall return to what it was before.

On the night of a particularly bright full moon
Written in Elven
Tirhashkan, that little sneak, finally enlightened me as to who my arcane sponsor is. 200+ years together, and only now does she decide to speak to me on this topic, after all those years of avoiding it. Apparently the Raven Queen was more than pleased with my part in the events that occurred over the past few months. That aside, we at least have an understanding that I will in no way change who I am as a result of knowing my patron.

A Windy Morning
Written in Elven
Radu has become quite anxious with my constant meditation. He doesn’t seem to realize that nearly dying and becoming mildly corrupted can have devastating effects on a person. Perhaps because he hasn’t sensed any real change in me. Really, this is merely because I have been putting everything on hold until I’ve had the time to truly contemplate such traumatic events.

A Windy Afternoon
Written in Elven and in Code
Meditation over. Only now does Radu realize the depth of the changes that have taken place. I’ve realized my own mortality. Though we be Eladrin and Dampyr, we are neither immortal nor incapable of dying. I have been reminded of my true purpose for leaving the Hold of Kas all those years ago, and as such, most of my free time has been spent in the local library, much to Radu’s dismay. He doesn’t understand my obsession with her. If they’re not family, or classified as family, then as far as he’s concerned, they don’t matter. It doesn’t help that even I am incapable of explaining it. Nor can I explain the other product of my meditation. Corruption sat well with me. Far better than I thought it ever would.

Tiamat Day-Sunny, too sunny
Written in Common
Radu insisted that he join me on what he called the annual Tiamat trip. It seems that we will be doing this every year…We encountered Arshes first, and as soon as Radu extended an invitation to visit us at any time in the Feywild, leaving me to provide the appropriate directions, I left them to talk about whatever two swordmages talk about when left alone. I saw Rayne and Chauncy in front of a bread competition. Rayne’s childlike fascination prompted me to retrieve Arshes and Radu. Children seemed to be more their forte than mine. On the way back to the competition we happened upon Thorn who proceeded to join us and tell us of his adventures this past year. We were disappointed to find that Rayne and Chauncy had moved on, but after hearing the victor express a desire to have his bread eaten by the High Priest Gilresh, Radu, upon the insistence of Arshes, managed to somehow charm him into letting us bring the bread to Gilresh for him. Only the strength of Arshes’s morals prevented us from eating the entire colorful, five-headed masterpiece before Gilresh had a chance to see it. Though, I must say, Gilresh did seem to enjoy the leaf-green head. Rayne and Chauncy did eventually catch up with everyone, but only after the delicious creation was decimated. As the festivities neared the end, Radu and I slipped away to find ourselves a partner with which we could satisfy ourselves with.


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