Requiem of Oblivion

Player Resource: Excerpts from Lord Tolaska's Journal

4th Iunias, AB 250
I have been approached by the Claw yet again, with a tempting proposal. In most cases it would be her organization i would pay for contracts, but it seems for once the inscrutable assassins require my services. I would need Whitton’s assistance in framing his little burglar. Getting into the Guildmaster’s home would be simple; we’ve been close allies for years. He must think himself so clever to pose as a wealthy silk merchant, presuming that I am none the wiser. I have played his little game for years, letting him into my circle, yet he will not realize until it is too late that the circle is in fact a noose tightening around his neck. For many years Whitton has traded our gold for us as far as Alvos across the sea, but his usefulness grows increasingly smaller as his willingness to smuggle wildfire and other war machines dwindles. It makes me wonder where his allegiances lie… Ha what am i saying? He’s a master thief, his loyalty is to himself. Perhaps this assassin’s request will work in my favor beyond the agreed payment. I will have dinner with our honest silk merchant tomorrow night.

5th Iunias, AB 250
My suspicions of Whitton proved to be correct. You would think a guildmaster to be more careful with his letters… While he left the opulent lounge to receive a missive, I took the liberty of perusing his study. I found several recent charters under contract of house Shandara. Normally, i would not care what other houses a merchant deals with, but not this merchant. A man of Whitton’s gravity cannot be allowed to aid the cause of my enemy, especially if he favors doing business with them over me. This is just the reason I need to eliminate Whitton from the equation. His little burglar will prove instrumental, and the Claw’s request will be fulfilled.

12th Iunias, AB 250
I spoke to Whitton about his burglar, and the Claw’s request. He seemed reluctant to betray one of his own, and it was obvious he favored this tiefling. Regardless, his fear of the Claws won, and has agreed to my plan. He will despatch her and a small team of others to sweep a certain prominent silk merchant’s house. My guards will be waiting to apprehend them, and they will suddenly find themselves cut off from the guild, since they tried to rob their own master. At least, that is the plan I told him. In reality, I plan to slit Whitton’s throat with one of the tiefling’s own knives, have my guards seize them, and blame his murder on the lot. His servants will be executed for aiding the criminals, and the guards involved will be awarded lands and titles in exchange for silence. Two of the three prisoners will die in captivity, yet the tiefling will escape. A fugitive, murderer, and no longer my concern.

18th Seption, AB 250
In the tradition of our family’s bloodline, the plan went flawlessly. One less smuggler to aid my enemies, a fractured thieves guild that will bring a prosperity the people will love me for, and one less bogeyman (or should I say bogeywoman) over my shoulder. The Assassin was displeased with the manner in which her target was treated, strangely. Nevertheless, the contract was fulfilled and she handed me the Crimson Claw, another nice addition to the vault gallery. To think, she had the audacity to offer me gold! I asked her where she was headed next, and she only said “Into mist, and Shadow”. Yalasians always take themselves too seriously.


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