Age of Gaiya

Time is a construct of Law, created from the arrival of Gaiya. In the beginning, all was roiling chaos, and the Primordials reigned supreme in their endless cycles of creation and destruction. In the ever-shifting maelstrom, a void manifested. Like the eye of a storm, all was calm within it, and there the first mote of Law appeared. It came in the form of a mountain 100 miles tall, immune to the entropy of chaos. Confused, the Primordials refrained from destroying this anomoly, deciding to watch and wait instead. Thus, the mountain pulsed with a life-force unlike those of the chaos-beings. From the womb of stone, Gaiya emerged, flawless and immutable. The Primordials were awestruck at her perfection, unable to bring themselves to destroy such a wondrous creation. The Primordials accepted her as one of their own, raising Her, teaching Her their ways, showing Her what passed for love in their entropic hearts.

Gaiya knew she was not like the beings that raised her. They were chaos, and she was something else entirely. What they taught her to create, she desired to keep rather than unmake. Many Primordials feared and reviled her for what she was, and how alien her beliefs were. The Elder Primordials still puzzled over the mountain from which she emerged; it still stood unmarked by their strongest attempts to destroy it. They feared that their powerlessness to it was an ill omen and its child would be its harbinger. Nevertheless, she had many friends among the Primordials, including an Elder (who’s name is lost in history) that raised her as his own. As the eons passed, this Elder’s love for his adopted daughter grew, and Gaiya did all she could to fuel that affection. Then, the day came when She approached Her father, confessing her desires to mate with him; to create children with her perfection, and his power. Fooled by his own heart, the Primordial took Her, and upon their joining, he realized Her deception. Gaiya desired to create more of her kind, and the only way it could be donw was to take the chaotic flesh and essence of a powerful Primordial and reshape it into Law. The Elder’s body and life was consumed, and the first Gods were born from it.

Io – Weaver of the Sky
Moradin – Shaper of Earth
Melora – Bringer of Water
Pelor – Flame of Creation

Immediately the first Gods began shaping the chaos surrounding the mountain. Before the Primordials realized what had happened, Ramistar was created. Moradin shaped the earth like a sculptor molds clay. Melora filled the world with life-giving water, bringing rains that made the earth lush and green. Io spread his wings and cast the skies above the earth, and as he did so, the first magic was woven throughout Ramistar. Pelor created a great lantern housing his very heart, and placed it at the peak of the mountain, giving the world light and warmth.

During the Great Creation, the first Gods created more Gods, sometimes inadvertedly. As Io coaxed magic from the sky, Ioun was born from the magic itself. Melora and Pelor created Corellon together, and Gruumsh fell from the sweat of Moradin’s brow, given form on His anvil.

Enraged by Gaiya’s betrayal, and the blasphemies she was committing, the Primordials forsook Her and her progeny, and began preparations for war.

Knowing war was coming, Gaiya urged her children to create a strong world, and creatures to defend it. Quickly, the Gods set to work, strengthening the immutability of the world with divine runes. From the runes, Ramistar itself gained self-awareness, manifesting as Primal Spirits. From them, the world inhabited itself with flora & fauna to perpetuate self-sufficiency and the cycles of life. Thus, the world became a living entity in itself, and Gaiya was pleased.

The Gods then set about the task of inhabiting their creation with mortal defenders. Io made the first dragons in his image, Moradin created Dwarves, Corellon the Elves, Gruumsh the Orcs, Pelor the Couatls, and Melora the Merfolk. It was in this Age that the Gods mingled freely with their new mortal creations, teaching them their ways. For many years the world was a place of absolute peace and harmony, where mortals lived without cares, and Gods sat at the same tables as them.

Then the Dawn War began.

Age of Gaiya

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