Requiem of Oblivion

A Basic Intro to Four-Falls
  • Four-Falls Campaign Backdrop

Cast of Characters:

  • Aram Belaros – Reclusive cursed Wizard, feared and enigmatic.
  • Captain Drekkar “Lazy-Leg” Faustus – Tiefling Captain of the Watch.
  • Lieutenant August Fearn – Lieutenant and leader of the Night Watch.
  • Den Westgate – Owner and night-time keeper of the Rimefire Inn
  • Remy Broadhand – Daytime keeper of the Rimefire Inn
    * Anabel Moon – Serving Maid for the Rimefire Inn.
    * Strom Bonebroth – Bouncer for the Rimefire Inn.
  • Marienne Wolfjaw – Chapter Leader for the Dark Delvers in Four-Falls.
    * Friedrich LeMothe – Fanatical Paladin of Bahamut, and member of the Delvers’ Rose Blades.
  • Skamos the Stormbound – Aloof and unsettling Tiefling Warlock, and member of the Rose Blades.
  • Ulmo Hornbearer – Halfling Shaman, member of the Rose Blades.
  • Wyeth – Slightly cracked Fisherman who lives along Satine Lake.
  • Morgran Ironriver – Dwarf, weary old Pelaurum High Priest.
    * Eida Twelvehome – Halfling Seer and owner of the Enchanted Emporium.
  • Lord Nathan Belaros – Young lord of Four-Falls. Careless and frivolous.
    * Angus Lark – Owner of the Lark Family Estate, home of the world-famous Lark Mead.

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