The Talisman of Al-Akbar

One of a pair of holy artifacts famed for its miraculous healing powers.


Cup and talisman01
The PCs are first given this item by the wizard Aram Belaros in Four-Falls, following the aftermath of the undead invasion on the town. The Death Knight Throzak the Defiler, who led the attack, was after the featureless lump of rock that the talisman was hiding in. Ignorant of the artifact’s existance, the PCs took it to the Imperial City, where it revealed itself in the grand cathedral of Pelor. Choosing the Raven Priest Kaetien, it speaks to him through reflections, agreeing to help the PCs in their quest to stop Atropus, and gives hints as to where its counterpart, the Cup, is hidden.


The Talisman of Al-Akbar

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