Valinae Radu Kas

Erevan's brother that lives with him in Mithrendain.


Valinae Radu Kas is an Eladrin Damphyr Swordmage that tends to have a way with people. He is tall, quite tall for an Eladrin, standing tall at a height of 6’2”. Slender, like all Eladrin tend to be, he is a wall of pure muscle might. His long golden locks of hair tend to be tied back in a braid, and never get in the way of his fighting.


Valinae Radu Kas was born in the Shadowfell and moved to Mithrendain in the Feywild with his brother, Lucia Erevan Kas. He is a member of the Night of the Watch and is often called upon for secret missions. He is protective in nature, so long as he considers the person he is protecting family.

Valinae Radu Kas

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