Requiem of Oblivion

Tiamat Day-Five years later

Erevan’s Letter to Radu

Another sunny Tiamat Day
Written in Elven
My dearest brother Valinae, I’ve written to inform you that there may be quite some delay in my return this year. There has been a bit excitement at this year’s Tiamat Day. I shall explain to you what I can, but there is some sensitive information I have omitted due to the risk of this letter falling into the wrong hands.

Let me start at the beginning. After a week of spelling the walls of Gilresh’s temple I met up with Arshes, Thorn, and Chauncy at the usual spot. It was quite the emotional reunion. Chauncy was in tears sobbing, “I’ve lost her. I’ve lost her,” over and over. Yes, yes, this was not a joyous reunion. It would seem that our party’s beloved little sneak thief has gone missing. It wasn’t until after Arshes managed to thoroughly inebriate the distraught dragonborn that we managed to learn anything, the particulars of which I cannot explain here.

We picked up a bright pink fuzz ball at the tavern where Chauncy got sloshed. It followed us to Gilresh at the Temple of Tiamat where it oh so politely informed us that it was searching for Rayne as well. While this IS a suspicious coincidence, it seemed harmless enough. Alright. Alright. The fuzz ball is really an elf that looks after the local orphans. What was her name again, Sister Nam-Nab-no, it’s Sister Navir. The avenger seems to have once looked after our absent tiefling and shall join us in our search for her. On a side note, she has a real flare for fashion.

You’ll never guess who’s also fond of fashion. Gilresh. That narcissistic dragonborn frequently changes his clothes at-will to match his surroundings. Tiamat’s chosen one has become utterly metrosexual.

Speaking of Tiamat, his High Priest almost got assassinated today and his temple was bombed. Apparently the terrorists are a new group, the Sons of Io, or so they say. Gilresh took a knife to the gut and Chauncy got a nice one across the back. The assassin that targeted the shaman must have been new; died on his own weapon. Unfortunately, none of the assassins survived for questioning. Fortunately, we found a few more outside who readily succumbed to Chauncy’s inquisition, after Thorn healed her. The sorcerer’s a little on edge right now. Just look at the solid gold doors in the temple and tell me he’s not. He bent them all the way back to the door frame.

I must say, I do pity Gilresh. The statue of Tiamat his temple was so proud of was the target of the bombing. The terrorists papered his festival with propaganda. The source of which, I might add, brought me far too close to what sounded like a dragon. Makes me wonder if Tiamat is testing Gilresh. The high priest does seem to be getting a little large around the middle as of late.

Anyway, we were faced with a new enemy we knew nothing about. Luckily, Chauncy was friends with someone who was in a position to help guide us as to where to go next. Well, after Gilresh helped persuade our kind friend with several handfuls of gold pieces. His temple has been doing very well these past five years.

The trip to Chauncy’s friend was more than interesting. His jelly addiction showed through, and Arshes was robbed. Truly, that swordmage has no perception. Thankfully the rest of us aren’t so unaware.

Hopefully this letter finds you well. It is such a shame how you just suddenly came down with such a severe cold. Please inform those who need to know of my circumstances and know that I shall return as soon as everything is settled. Until then, take care, and Arshes sends her regards.



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