Requiem of Oblivion

RESOURCE - King Torolf the Cruel

King Torolf the Cruel, author unknown, written in The Age of Tears 2365 (986 years ago)

Torolf, later known as “The Cruel”, was the last king of the native men which lived in the lands of Saboria prior to Sabor Nerelon’s arrival, known as the Varosi. Not many structures of Varosi origin are left standing, though their vast burial tombs are among the most intact. The ruins in which you are delving is the most preserved of Varosi tombs, and also the most infamous, being the sepulcher of the last Varosi King, burned alive by his own people after Sabor Nerelon offered them a life without tyranny while under her rulership. The Varosi were obsessed with the afterlife, and took great pains to preserve the bodies of the dead, and constructed massive necropolises to inter them. Despite the cruelty of King Torolf, the Varosi still respected his strength, and gave him all the proper burial rites befitting his status.

Oh, sundered King/ what
spikes of pain you have
driven into thy kingdom/
Of ragged breath your
weary people curse thy
name/And thou dost laugh
in the voices of the
many men which crowd thy
soul/What horror to live
with four minds in one
mortal shell, what sear
of the spirit to drive
thine own self to madness/
In the darkness of hearts,
In the crucible of anger,
In the cauldron of battle,
In the quiet halls of wisdom.
In Boros’ name we bury you/
with respect and honor, nay
do our hearts forget the blood
thou hast spilt in the soil/
Yet you were our King, the last
of our people/the fires of your
pyre died, as the fate of Varosi
blazed like a beacon on the shore.
Long we drink to you, ’O mad King/
Last of his kind, may you find
peace in Death/ your many selves
free of this mortal coil.


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