Requiem of Oblivion

Letter from Navir

This was written to Rayne in hopes that she would better understand her part in saving the Claws

[in Elven]
My dear Ryselle,

Long before you were born, there was a foolish member of the Claws of Yalas. When the Crimson Goddess deems it is time to die, those who worship her welcome it freely. This priestess wished to shame herself by bringing back another Claw who had died a terrible death. There was no body left of her fallen comrade, so she had to find secret forbidden means to accomplish this. The ritual was dangerous and destroyed her in the process, but he was brought back.
At first, any around him could not tell that anything was different about him. He seemed like a regular Claw, and he rose in power steadily. No one noticed that the Claws around him were being corrupted.
When he rose to a Master Claw of Yalas your mother was already a master herself. She had begun to suspect something was not altogether right about him and began to maneuver to deal with him as only an assassin would. The Lady Helltalon received word from Yalas that the man had been tainted by something from the Far Realms. He killed your mother before she could act to protect us. Your father sent the remainder of that Claws under your mother into hiding, and took you and his knowledge away from the Far Realm creature.
When he was forced to leave you behind Yalas tasked me with your protection. She knew we would need you in the future to help the Claws reunite and defeat the corrupted master. Your existence would tempt him to come out of hiding.
It is for the best that you never know the secrets your father was keeping from him.
You have done us a great service, and you should call upon us should you have need.


Sister Navir


codexaeterna Zibiana

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