Requiem of Oblivion

Exerpts from Rayne's Journal-The year of assassins

[in Elven]
Summer, Entry 1
I woke up in a tree. The air is hot and sticky, it must be summer. Dad left me in the city when they were getting closer. Why am I now in the middle of a forest? Wasn’t it winter when he left me? Maybe it was the Claws. Why would they be after me? Dad’s the only one that knows anything. I should look for him. He’ll protect me. I think he told me, “Just sing and you will find me.”

Entry 2(Song is loosely sung to this tune: Pangur Ban)
You must know what I now know,
Vi gûl hiril, vi orod
nin nurar. Nurar.
Sina veth baden
im derel.
Vi duath, Vi duath

dofn tummen. Tummen.
Si e gwannathon i amar.

Athratha, Athratha
Fen nadh Raid
i Firn.
Fen nadh Raid
i Firn.

I will go to the Witchmist mountains. There’s a path there to the Shadowfell. I hope he’s still alive. He will protect me.

Entry 3
I’ve taken to reading the journal I’m writing in. I’d assumed I took it from some unsuspecting passerby. It had many previous entries, all dated 14-17 years in the future. Maybe someone was writing a novel? It’s not very good. Chauncy is hardly a believable name for a dragonborn. And what’s a genasi? Some sort of genie? The best part? This person wrote about a Tiamat Day in the imperial city. Like that would ever happen. No one openly worships an evil deity in the middle of the city. Dad would find this funny. I should show him when I catch up to him.

Entry 4
I have a lot of scars on me. They must be from the Claws. But they look really faded. As if years have gone by since I got them. I also wonder about the tattoo on my shoulders and arms. I couldn’t make it out at first since I was covered in grime from traveling. It seems to have a dragon wrapped in flames on it. The journal talks about the same tattoo. Apparently Chauncy and the journal writer have it. Is Chauncy more than a character?
How long was I out?

Entry 5
I think someone’s been following me. Every time I hear a sound, I start. They must be following me. I think they know I can find him. They must be using me to find him. Perhaps I should go somewhere else. But who else can I go to? Maybe Chauncy is real. I should find him, but where is he?


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