Requiem of Oblivion

Entering the Depths of the Leyric Ruins

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

The Leyric Ruins-surprisingly well lit
Written in Abyssal
I must say I am quite surprised at the fame Gilresh has acquired. We received little opposition when we called upon the guards to let us enter these ancient Leyric ruins. Though they were surprised to see the high priest away from his temple on this special day, they mentioned that we should be aware of a fugitive hiding within these walls.

Now, I must sit here and describe these splendid ruins. From what little we have explored and I have mapped, the ruins seem to be circular in nature. Though I have read much about them, this is my first time getting the opportunity to explore one. The deep azure walls, beautiful as they are, are lined every so panels with soft glowing leyric runes, the likes of which I cannot read, I am ashamed to say. The ceiling, artfully carved into a delicate latticework, also glows with that same flameless light. As I have explained to my companions, the power that lights these walls comes from a Titan Crystal. However, if this crystal has been tampered with, these runes are known for having planar and even temporal shifts. Fascinating, yes, but also quite dangerous.

We’ve discovered a bit of lore as we’ve walked among these walls. Gilresh recognized a statue of Lacondos, and old aspect of Ioun. The eyes held rubies, and it wasn’t long before Chauncy was prying them out. It seems that Rayne, may the tiefling be well, has rubbed off on him. Taking the rubies, of course, set off a trap which caused the statue to attack us. It was not long before the saviors of the world dispatched it into nothingness. In the same room, a symbol of a goat skull was burned into the floor. From what I can remember, it belonged to a prince among the demons long ago. One that was said to be the strongest of all at the time. A strange thing to be placed so near the stature of Lacondos.

The room next door held a particularly exciting find. Among the lumps of books disintegrated by time was a lone leyric text still in pristine condition. Oh, how I long to read the words that are so foreign. Perhaps the oracle we are here to find might know the language as well as how to decipher code.

“Lacondos has forsaken us all.” The Abyssal text that lined the wall of a morbid room. Oh, the implications of what happened here. The scholar in me cannot suppress this urge to know.

Our first form of life, other than that statue, we happened upon was a mindflayer and his thralls. Not a pleasant experience. I must say, as much as I’d long to speak with the creature about what it has seen among these walls, I have heard of the superior will of such creatures. Without some form of suppression, like Chauncy’s death grip, getting much out of such a creature would be quite difficult. It is important to note that Gilresh’s egotism showed through when he preceded to jump off of a 30ft. ledge believing that he would land without issue as he saw Sister Navir do earlier. He did not land without issue, though I doubt he learned anything from the experience. Fortunately Chauncy found a box full of Rings of Featherfalls in the mindflayer’s arcane laboratory. At least now none of us will have to worry about falling.


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