Requiem of Oblivion


Friedrich LeMothe: Paladin of Bahamut (excommunicated), whereabouts unknown.
Lucius Damakos: Avenger of Bahamut, a Tiefling.
Aram Belaros: Uncle of the late Nathan Belaros of Four-Falls, brother to Belator Belaros, Lord of the House.
Uldorf Stonehelm II: Ruler of Vistra’s Hall, Father of the late Uldorf the Greater, a Dwarf.
August Fearn: Former lieutenant of the Watch, refused retirement after the Galgan Valley Invasion. Elevated to Steward of Four-Falls.
T’Basi: Chief of the Kobolds of Arushai.
Five: Currently residing in Imperial City, Captain in the Sons of Twilight, a Warforged.

The Imperial City:
Darius Tolaska: Grand Magister and uncle to Vlad Tolaska
Vlad Tolaska: Ruler of the 7th House, Lord Commander of the Imperial Armies.
Viggos Shandara: Ruler of the 6th House, Admiral of the Imperial Navy.
Catelyn Shandara: High Magister and daughter of Lord Viggos
Belator Belaros: Ruler of the 5th House, father of the late Nathan, brother to Aram.
Lilith Belaros: High Magister, sister to Belator
Varen Imris: Ruler of the 4th House
Galen Imris: High Magister, brother to Varen
Bram Vokar: Ruler of the 3rd House (currently absent, residing in Valden).
Teryn Vokar: High Magister, son of Bram
Olthor Riven: Ruler of the 2nd House
Verlaine Merling: Ruler of the 1st House, Undercity Custodian.
Gormlak: Former Master of the Black House Syndicate, a Goliath.
Devis Bandergem: Gormlak’s right hand man, a half-elf.
Rordin Darkdelver: Leader of the Dark Delvers, last in the revered bloodline (sons have all died, and is now too old), a Dwarf.
Belach the Thrice-Burned: Leader of the Honored “Stormwalkers”, a Half-Orc. Journeyed into the Underdark to learn more about Atropus.
Janra: Current master of the Black House Syndicate. Vassal of house Merling.
Tully: Proprietor of the Last Dwarf Standing, a Half-Orc.
Alastiir Whitemane: High Priest of the Church of Pelor.
Will: Renegade Drow from Erelhei-Zinlu in the Underdark, slaver and drug dealer.

Caira Adjani: Sister to Kaetien, a powerful Lich, no affiliation.
Anefsina: Servant of Caira. Slain on Whistlewind Isle.
Throzak the Defiler: Death Knight who led the Galgan Valley Invasion, servant of Orcus. Returned to invade Bonderaal, opening an Abyssal Gate in the temple of Erathis.
Drodasool: High Priest of Ebonvault Temple, a Blue Dragon
Malar: Avenger of Tiamat, childhood friend to Gilrush, a Dragonborn.
Father Renault: of Balikstead, Shandaran Province, Priest of the Raven Queen, warden
of Kaetien.
Gorguth: Throzak’s master, General in Orcus’ legions, presently in the Abyss.
Torolf: Last of the Varosi High Kings, people native to Saboria prior to the Empire’s founding. His soul was released of its curse, laid to rest by the PCs.
Maiden of the Moon: Powerful Fey, progenitor of lycanthropes. Eradication of her unintended creation is her foremost concern.
Kayline: Night Hag of Bloodfang Redoubt. Leader of her coven, and of the lycanthropes of Brokenstone Vale.
Bregon: Werewolf Lord and right hand of Kayline’s coven. His hatred for Mithrendain conflicts with his journey to overcome the primal rage within him.


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