Requiem of Oblivion

CINEMATIC - Drodasool, Gilrush, & Malar

(The scene opens on a muddy hill sparsely covered with weeds. The hill overlooks the moorlands surrounding Ebonvault Temple, and the burning ruin of a small village. Bodies of the villagers are still warm, as Tiamat’s disciples strip the settlement of all valuables. Two dragonborn children, and a grizzled, blue-skinned one sit on this hill to witness the carnage.)

GILRUSH: They are all dead?

DRODASOOL: Correct, child. Tiamat teaches us to exact total retribution. Mercy is a weakness that divides the spirit and causes one to hesitate. To hesitate is to fail both from within and without. Remember this.

MALAR: Won’t the clergy of Bahamut attack us for slaying these humans?

DRODASOOL: Perhaps, though I doubt it. Korhaviin is younger, weaker, and wise enough realize his position. He should not have slain so many of our warriors, or helped so many of the people living in our territory. By Io’s blood, Tiamat must create balance, else the scales topple, and the end-times begin.

GILRUSH: Who is Io, master? Why must Tiamat and Bahamut follow his orders?

MALAR: Yeah, why doesn’t She just try to kill Him?

DRODASOOL: So young.. I always forget how young you two are. You see, when Gaiya formed the First Gods from her breath, it was Io who was firstborn. He was the first Dragon, and created us in His image.

GILRUSH: Io created Tiamat and Bahamut?

DRODASOOL: In a sense.. But not intentionally. You all remember your lessons on the Dawn War? When the gods took up arms against the mythic Primordials, it took 2-3 deities to bring down one of the great chaos-beings. Even then, many were beyond the gods’ ability to slay permanently, thus the Primordials were imprisoned for all eternity within various divinely crafted prisons, far from our world. Io was the mightiest of the gods, and slew several Primordials before facing one such beast named Huer-Ket. It was a being of monolithic proportions, wielding an axe large enough to cleave mountains. Arrogant in his power, great Io fought this creature alone. No records account for the battle itself, but one thing is certain. Huer-Ket‘s axe cleaved Io in twain with a single blow. From the two halves, our queen Tiamat, and her counterpart, Bahamut were born. Weakened by the battle, the Primordial could not survive the terrible onslaught the two reborn gods inflicted upon it. That was the first and last time the two ever worked with unified purpose.

MALAR: But they do work together, in a way..right? They both try to preserve balance. It makes sense, I didn’t realize they are two halves of a whole. One cannot be without the other.

DRODASOOL: Correct, child. Light cannot be without darkness. The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow that is cast; one cannot overtake the other.

GILRUSH: But what if it does happen? You said it’d be the end-times. What does that mean?

DRODASOOL: Well, it is written on the Wall of Dragonkind that if one of the two ever perishes, the survivor, driven mad by the loss of the other, would seek to cover the world in darkness, or light. Another theory among some members of dragonkind is that perhaps the surviving god would absorb the other’s essence, becoming Io reborn. An optimistic theory, but I don’t think it’s that easy.

MALAR: Is there anything left of Io’s body?

DRODASOOL: An astute question, child. The gods were able to preserve a small quantity of his blood. It was entrusted to both Tiamat and Bahamut, and they both have half the amount locked away in their dominions. There’s also blood stained on the colossal axe that killed him. The weapon is somewhere in the Elemental Chaos, guarded by dragons of all colors. These dragons still worship Io as the true God; our queen sees them as deluded fools, yet useful guardians.

GILRUSH: Why do they guard the blood?

DRODASOOL: There is power in blood, child. The gods protect their blood from falling into the hands of those who would use it against them, or their creations. King and Queen are made from the Firstborn’s ichor; and though they should destroy it to eliminate the risk, both consider it sacreligious to do such a thing. Thus, the blood of Io remains the only known preserved ichor in existence… aside from the Crawling King’s, though his is unique in that it only has power in the Underdark, much like the tortured god himself.

MALAR: The fires have gone out.. Can we go home now?

DRODASOOL: Yes, let us return. Remember this lesson, today.


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