Requiem of Oblivion

6/9 Into the Fey Wild

Rayne’s Update
“Welcome to Fey-Ree,” Thorn said as we entered the magic rock. At least that’s what it sounded like he said. Chauncy and I said together, “Fairy?”

Thorn led us to the Eladrin city Mithrendain, ruled by the Maiden of the Moon. We seeked out her help in finding us a door that would drop us in the middle of the purple glowing village, and maybe a few warriors to help clear it out.
She of course had other ideas. It seems opening the Lunar door has more consequences than we were led to believe. Opening it would leave the city vulnerable to attack from their enemies, the Femorians in the Fey Dark. The only way the Queen would help us was if he helped her clear out some pesky Lychanthropes and some Night Hags from Bloodfang Redoubt in Brokenstone Vale. Thorn would be able to lead us there. I hope what they say about how time isn’t moving here is true.
Atropus is coming and he’s not going to wait until we finish all these side quests to get here and enslave us all.
Why can’t all these rulers see that there are greater problems than some ancient feud they have? Call a truce! Gather together to stop Atropus now, and fight each other to the death later. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really the evil one, or they are. At least I’m trying to stop the red star without putting conditions on my helping. And that demon lord is a fool, hindering us every chance he can get just because he has it in for some goddess. He’ll suffer just as much as the mortal realm should we fail.


LoL I’m curious what happened this week. To think i missed my character just drinking from the chalice…. so is my character turning evil or crazy while i’m away? _

6/9 Into the Fey Wild
codexaeterna Zibiana

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