Requiem of Oblivion

6-3: We have the chalice!

Rayne’s update

We battled our way through the tomb. I have found that I do not like mirrors. I was thrown in front of one at the beginning of the battle, and before I could strike again I was sucked in. I could see my friends battle the zombies and cultists by themselves. The cultist would not tell anyone how to free someone from the mirror. Chauncy decided to just kill the cultist and figure out the mirrors later. Arshes studied the mirror while the rest of the party distracted the zombies. If you threw someone in front of the mirror, they would be sucked in and the other person inside would be thrown out. A zombie took my place inside, and I ran at the cultist. I stabbed him until he could see his guts falling out of him. I ripped his face off and added it to my collection.

The next room had a glowing platform in the middle of it, and there stood a lackey of Caira trying to steal the chalice from its pedestal. She summoned creatures to defend her. The ghost creatures could enter our bodies and attack others. Arshes was mind raped by one and attempted to take out Chauncy.
We focused our attacks on the lackey, and when she fell so did her minions. Her face was also added to the facebook for completeness.
Arshes took the chalice from its spot and drank from it. It is full of an incredible healing potion.

We made our way out of the dungeon lake. The lake had completely frozen over with black ice. The fishing village was glowing purple. Typical, we finally save some important thing for our quest, and the nearest village gets taken over by bad guys. Well, worse guys than us.
We decided to cut through the fey wild to get to the city instead of crossing the lake. Maybe we can reason with Orcus’ lackeys. He will suffer too if Atropus wins, maybe we can convince him to back off while we take care of this red star of doom.


codexaeterna Zibiana

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