Requiem of Oblivion

5-26: The King is Dead

Stepping over the crumbling body of the Dark Pharaoh, the party entered a large audience chamber, complete with pews, and a tall balcony where a pair of Orcus necromancers stood. They summoned their fell servants, but were cut down by the heroes’ combined might. Kaetien had to purge Rayne of a foul infestation of undead worms; she was exhausted by the ordeal. Entering a side room at the balcony level, the party encounters a ghostly apparition of King Torolf flogging himself in penitence for his sins. Amongst the pews below, another ghost of Torolf stood raping a little girl. With baleful expression, the penitent king warns the PCs that in order to secure the key to the vault, they must free his soul from the evil that has consumed it.

Leaving the haunted room, the PCs battle a host of demons from Tartarus while crossing a cavern covered in the abyssal layer’s black ice. Turning to the far side of the cavern where Kaetien stood, the party is shocked to see the cleric impaled upon a massive spider-leg encased in rusted metal! The crippled death knight Throzak the Defiler reveals his new form given to him by his master, General Gorguth. The party was unable to reach him in time to stop his requisition of the Amulet of Al Akbar. Before Kaetien expires, he makes the PCs promise to find his sister and free her from undeath. Disheartened, the party trudges forward.

Soon they enter a caved-in room dominated by an ancient and mysterious standing stone. The Varosi worshipped primal spirits, and very few of these Guardian stones remain intact. Leaving an offering of food, the energies around the stone form a gateway to the Feywild, from which a shifter shaman named Thorn, and his bear spirit companion Brother, emerges. Guided by the elders of his tribe, Thorn has stepped through the portal here to complete his rite of passage. It is a lofty task of helping to rid the world of this undead menace; Atropus will unmake all life, so he will do what he can to help before time runs out. The party agrees to have him join them.

Beyond ornate doors of solid bronze lies the burial chamber of King Torolf the Cruel. Rayne snuck undetected across the chamber to the throne where the dead king’s skeleton sat. After scattering him bones across the floor, four wailing spirits fled the body, into each of the four pillars supporting the tomb. Out of the pillars stepped the four aspects of the shattered psyche: The Heartless, The Conquerer, The Rapist, and The Penitent. Each aspect was overcome by the heroes, though their forms were terrible to behold. Though individual spirit was near as powerful as its final manifestation. The King’s disembodied skull blazed with the combined might of its fragmented evil, unleasheing rays of entropy and soul-shrivelling pulses. Long the PCs fought the ancient spirit, and Torolf was vanquished. An apparition of him appeared before the group, seemingly at peace. He thanked the PCs for freeing his soul of the evil within him, and fades away to be judged by the Raven Queen. Before he disappears, he gives the team the vault key.

Entering the massive necropolis, the party fights hordes of Varosi spirits as they spiral downwards to the bottom of the cavernous hall. Crossing the bridge across water now locked in with obsidian ice, the PCs reach the formidable vault door.


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