Requiem of Oblivion

4-1-12 Oh dear! Mummy!

Rayne’s Update

We followed the tunnel up to a 50 foot drop, at the bottom of which was a lake. We debated climbing down a rope to see what was down there, but the cleric noticed there were 4 vrocks sleeping on the ceiling above us. It was decided that maybe going down the other tunnel would be a better option.

The tunnel forked at the end of it. To the right we saw a statue standing over a chest and to the right a pair of doors with two carvings of the king in the book we acquired. We figured it would be a quick trip to pick up what was in the chest then head on over to the double doors. The treasure chest had a simple trap on it, no match for my skills. We easily rescued the treasure within. Of course the chest was guarded. The second I had the item in the bag, the statue came to life. He was no match for our combined might though.

The door proved to be the bigger challenge for our group. It wasn’t a normal lock, so I could not pick it. It needed some sort of magic blast to open, though Gilrush insisted that we need only make faces at it, then it’d open. Since I’m the only one in this party who can’t do even basic magic, I was useless in this venture. After about 20 minutes of screwing around, Chauncy and Gilrush finally unlocked the door.

The room was lined with pillars that looked like the old king. Half of the floor glowed blue, while the other glowed red. Stepping onto the different colors brought about different emotions. On the blue I felt calmer than I thought possible; I could almost part with the facebook and move on with my life.

As I thought these things, the doors in the back burst open. Two giant bone creatures stomped in and hidden behind them was an armored mummy. The colors on the floor suddenly intensified, and in the center of the room they swirled together to form an elemental beast. I almost didn’t want to fight, but I knew if I didn’t strike them down, they would do terrible things to us.
In the midst of the fighting I fell onto the red side. In an instant all of my rage returned; every enemy that had dared to touch me had to die. I threw myself at the elemental, and Gilrush and I managed to take it down easily. At which point it blew up in a ball of fire. Some days, I am glad I was born a Tiefling.

The rage subsided, but the calm did not return. I almost wish the elemental’s power had not faded
with his death.

We were able to take care of the undead enemies. Their claws had been difficult to move past, and the mummy seemed near invincible. I can’t help but feel stronger after such a hard fought battle.


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