Requiem of Oblivion

Letter from Navir

This was written to Rayne in hopes that she would better understand her part in saving the Claws

[in Elven]
My dear Ryselle,

Long before you were born, there was a foolish member of the Claws of Yalas. When the Crimson Goddess deems it is time to die, those who worship her welcome it freely. This priestess wished to shame herself by bringing back another Claw who had died a terrible death. There was no body left of her fallen comrade, so she had to find secret forbidden means to accomplish this. The ritual was dangerous and destroyed her in the process, but he was brought back.
At first, any around him could not tell that anything was different about him. He seemed like a regular Claw, and he rose in power steadily. No one noticed that the Claws around him were being corrupted.
When he rose to a Master Claw of Yalas your mother was already a master herself. She had begun to suspect something was not altogether right about him and began to maneuver to deal with him as only an assassin would. The Lady Helltalon received word from Yalas that the man had been tainted by something from the Far Realms. He killed your mother before she could act to protect us. Your father sent the remainder of that Claws under your mother into hiding, and took you and his knowledge away from the Far Realm creature.
When he was forced to leave you behind Yalas tasked me with your protection. She knew we would need you in the future to help the Claws reunite and defeat the corrupted master. Your existence would tempt him to come out of hiding.
It is for the best that you never know the secrets your father was keeping from him.
You have done us a great service, and you should call upon us should you have need.


Sister Navir

Exerpts from Rayne's Journal-The year of assassins

[in Elven]
Summer, Entry 1
I woke up in a tree. The air is hot and sticky, it must be summer. Dad left me in the city when they were getting closer. Why am I now in the middle of a forest? Wasn’t it winter when he left me? Maybe it was the Claws. Why would they be after me? Dad’s the only one that knows anything. I should look for him. He’ll protect me. I think he told me, “Just sing and you will find me.”

Entry 2(Song is loosely sung to this tune: Pangur Ban)
You must know what I now know,
Vi gûl hiril, vi orod
nin nurar. Nurar.
Sina veth baden
im derel.
Vi duath, Vi duath

dofn tummen. Tummen.
Si e gwannathon i amar.

Athratha, Athratha
Fen nadh Raid
i Firn.
Fen nadh Raid
i Firn.

I will go to the Witchmist mountains. There’s a path there to the Shadowfell. I hope he’s still alive. He will protect me.

Entry 3
I’ve taken to reading the journal I’m writing in. I’d assumed I took it from some unsuspecting passerby. It had many previous entries, all dated 14-17 years in the future. Maybe someone was writing a novel? It’s not very good. Chauncy is hardly a believable name for a dragonborn. And what’s a genasi? Some sort of genie? The best part? This person wrote about a Tiamat Day in the imperial city. Like that would ever happen. No one openly worships an evil deity in the middle of the city. Dad would find this funny. I should show him when I catch up to him.

Entry 4
I have a lot of scars on me. They must be from the Claws. But they look really faded. As if years have gone by since I got them. I also wonder about the tattoo on my shoulders and arms. I couldn’t make it out at first since I was covered in grime from traveling. It seems to have a dragon wrapped in flames on it. The journal talks about the same tattoo. Apparently Chauncy and the journal writer have it. Is Chauncy more than a character?
How long was I out?

Entry 5
I think someone’s been following me. Every time I hear a sound, I start. They must be following me. I think they know I can find him. They must be using me to find him. Perhaps I should go somewhere else. But who else can I go to? Maybe Chauncy is real. I should find him, but where is he?

Chauncey's Thoughts

In Draconic
After years I am finally ready again to commit my thoughts to a page. Perhaps it was having another vivid vision, I thought I was done with those, I have not had a large enough dose of Jelly to bring on such a vision in more then five years time, so I can only sit an ponder on it’s meaning.

My first visions were back before the accident…. I still cannot write of that here. Needless to say not heading the warning signs was the greatest mistake of my life and I can never redeem myself from….

I did not receive visions again until after I made my dealings with the demon skins. It seemed the quickest way to power and with what we were up against I thought selling my soul in such a way would bring no harm to anyone but me. But as my visions increased I saw the power I would gain, and what the loss of my soul would cause, the death of Bitsy at my own hands! How could I ever live with myself if I allowed my past to repeat itself? How could I harm those I swore I would protect in my greed to gain power? Was my power not meant to protect? I am ashamed to admit that I fled. I feared that I would be over taken by Orcus as my visions predicted. I feared I would kill Rayne, and Gilresh, and Arshes. I feared I would kill them all and bath in their blood. I fled to the desert.

As I traveled through the barren wasteland I was visited upon as what I can only now describe as a genie. Who sent him he did not say. Only that I was in need of guidance and that he was willing to give it, that he had been sent to give it. He gave me a tin full of a substance that has simply been named Jelly. In my dire need to fix myself, to keep myself from harming others I consumed the tin in one whole swallow. (many have called me foolish at this point in my story; those that know the power of Jelly for I could have killed myself with such a large dose, indeed it’s a wonder I did not. Those who’s wisdom is high and would quote on old human proverb at me “don’t take candy from strangers.” And many such others.

That I did not die is a miracle that I do know now. Part of which I so firmly believe in the vision that I saw brought on by the jelly. I was brought to a new wasteland this one the after math of what could only be called a great and terrible war. One could see for miles, and there was not an inch that was not covered with bodies. As I traveled the landscape changed to a froze tundra the bodies were now below me under the ice I traveled over. I became entranced by the images under foot. Then with great horror I saw them, I saw HER. I began to run to get away from my past from the destruction and death I had caused.

I cam to a small cabin. My course was clear I would escape inside where I could hid from the horror out here. Much to my surprise I found two people inside the cabin. An older man and woman, both Dragon Borns. I blushed as I had just barged into their home. They however looked as if they were expecting me. The man stayed to the back while the woman came froward and spoke to me. She explained to me that outside was both my past and future, if I continued on this path. That it was not an if but a when as to me killing my companions. I broke down. I did not wish this those bodies on the field were my doing? how could that be? She told me that if I forsook the path of the Demon Skin Adapt now there was still time to change the future. That I had not yet lost my soul. I swore that I would that I would give it up, but I still need power I had people I needed to protect, and if not that then what path should I take? I was so confused. How could I protect others if I gave up my best powers? She told me to be proud of my heritage.

When I awoke it was with foul taste in my mouth. I ripped the demon skins from myself. As my head cleared I found a sense of connection with the Dragons. I felt the need to learn from them more then ever. That was when I knew my new powers. That was when I knew who I had been in the presents of… It could have been non other then Tiamat and Bahamut!!

I have felt strongly of these convictions for the last five years. And for five years I have had no visions, even when Rayne finally managed to give me the slip. Even when I was lost and looking for her on my own. Even when her life was in danger. Even after Gilresh took on that Paladin of the Sons of Io.

Which brings me back to the future, and my current dilemma. Not only are we now traveling with a Dwarf, however she seems on the up and up, at least she seems to forward to be anything else. But as we were leaving the Ice Prince’s place, I fainted and hit my head upon the door. Thorn swears that I was out for not but 10 seconds, and why would he lie to me? But my vision was much much longer. I saw Io’s great battle! I was there and I witnessed the clash of two gods, two dead gods! However it was not just me witnessing events that have passed. Before the clash Io turned to me, HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME! And he spoke to me! By my clan and honor (that of it I have redeemed) I swear it!
Now even this I could possibly chalk up to my inflated sense of self (I now seem to have the audacity to think of Maximum Pain as my clan, and that my honor means anything, altho with Mother Superior always speaking so reverently to us and calling us the “saviors” how could I not think it might be ok?) and the rather large bump on my head I gained from hitting the door. With the exception that I feel different. I can not explain it. It is just that I feel something that is both apart of me and separate from me, inside of me. Io even insinuated that I should not forget what I saw and that I should “remember” but what I am to remember I feel is not the battle that I saw but what ever this feeling inside of me means.

After the attacks from the Sons of Io I am hesitant to tell the others. I fear that they would think I am turning traitor to them, to Tiamat. Several still wonder why I am civil to the followers of Bahamut. But as one who was taught from a young age to respect both of the gods because they are perfect halves of the whole how can I show contempt to one? I fear my past coming to light. but I fear even more this new feeling of power rising in myself.

Player Resource: Excerpts from Lord Tolaska's Journal

4th Iunias, AB 250
I have been approached by the Claw yet again, with a tempting proposal. In most cases it would be her organization i would pay for contracts, but it seems for once the inscrutable assassins require my services. I would need Whitton’s assistance in framing his little burglar. Getting into the Guildmaster’s home would be simple; we’ve been close allies for years. He must think himself so clever to pose as a wealthy silk merchant, presuming that I am none the wiser. I have played his little game for years, letting him into my circle, yet he will not realize until it is too late that the circle is in fact a noose tightening around his neck. For many years Whitton has traded our gold for us as far as Alvos across the sea, but his usefulness grows increasingly smaller as his willingness to smuggle wildfire and other war machines dwindles. It makes me wonder where his allegiances lie… Ha what am i saying? He’s a master thief, his loyalty is to himself. Perhaps this assassin’s request will work in my favor beyond the agreed payment. I will have dinner with our honest silk merchant tomorrow night.

5th Iunias, AB 250
My suspicions of Whitton proved to be correct. You would think a guildmaster to be more careful with his letters… While he left the opulent lounge to receive a missive, I took the liberty of perusing his study. I found several recent charters under contract of house Shandara. Normally, i would not care what other houses a merchant deals with, but not this merchant. A man of Whitton’s gravity cannot be allowed to aid the cause of my enemy, especially if he favors doing business with them over me. This is just the reason I need to eliminate Whitton from the equation. His little burglar will prove instrumental, and the Claw’s request will be fulfilled.

12th Iunias, AB 250
I spoke to Whitton about his burglar, and the Claw’s request. He seemed reluctant to betray one of his own, and it was obvious he favored this tiefling. Regardless, his fear of the Claws won, and has agreed to my plan. He will despatch her and a small team of others to sweep a certain prominent silk merchant’s house. My guards will be waiting to apprehend them, and they will suddenly find themselves cut off from the guild, since they tried to rob their own master. At least, that is the plan I told him. In reality, I plan to slit Whitton’s throat with one of the tiefling’s own knives, have my guards seize them, and blame his murder on the lot. His servants will be executed for aiding the criminals, and the guards involved will be awarded lands and titles in exchange for silence. Two of the three prisoners will die in captivity, yet the tiefling will escape. A fugitive, murderer, and no longer my concern.

18th Seption, AB 250
In the tradition of our family’s bloodline, the plan went flawlessly. One less smuggler to aid my enemies, a fractured thieves guild that will bring a prosperity the people will love me for, and one less bogeyman (or should I say bogeywoman) over my shoulder. The Assassin was displeased with the manner in which her target was treated, strangely. Nevertheless, the contract was fulfilled and she handed me the Crimson Claw, another nice addition to the vault gallery. To think, she had the audacity to offer me gold! I asked her where she was headed next, and she only said “Into mist, and Shadow”. Yalasians always take themselves too seriously.

Entering the Depths of the Leyric Ruins

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

The Leyric Ruins-surprisingly well lit
Written in Abyssal
I must say I am quite surprised at the fame Gilresh has acquired. We received little opposition when we called upon the guards to let us enter these ancient Leyric ruins. Though they were surprised to see the high priest away from his temple on this special day, they mentioned that we should be aware of a fugitive hiding within these walls.

Now, I must sit here and describe these splendid ruins. From what little we have explored and I have mapped, the ruins seem to be circular in nature. Though I have read much about them, this is my first time getting the opportunity to explore one. The deep azure walls, beautiful as they are, are lined every so panels with soft glowing leyric runes, the likes of which I cannot read, I am ashamed to say. The ceiling, artfully carved into a delicate latticework, also glows with that same flameless light. As I have explained to my companions, the power that lights these walls comes from a Titan Crystal. However, if this crystal has been tampered with, these runes are known for having planar and even temporal shifts. Fascinating, yes, but also quite dangerous.

We’ve discovered a bit of lore as we’ve walked among these walls. Gilresh recognized a statue of Lacondos, and old aspect of Ioun. The eyes held rubies, and it wasn’t long before Chauncy was prying them out. It seems that Rayne, may the tiefling be well, has rubbed off on him. Taking the rubies, of course, set off a trap which caused the statue to attack us. It was not long before the saviors of the world dispatched it into nothingness. In the same room, a symbol of a goat skull was burned into the floor. From what I can remember, it belonged to a prince among the demons long ago. One that was said to be the strongest of all at the time. A strange thing to be placed so near the stature of Lacondos.

The room next door held a particularly exciting find. Among the lumps of books disintegrated by time was a lone leyric text still in pristine condition. Oh, how I long to read the words that are so foreign. Perhaps the oracle we are here to find might know the language as well as how to decipher code.

“Lacondos has forsaken us all.” The Abyssal text that lined the wall of a morbid room. Oh, the implications of what happened here. The scholar in me cannot suppress this urge to know.

Our first form of life, other than that statue, we happened upon was a mindflayer and his thralls. Not a pleasant experience. I must say, as much as I’d long to speak with the creature about what it has seen among these walls, I have heard of the superior will of such creatures. Without some form of suppression, like Chauncy’s death grip, getting much out of such a creature would be quite difficult. It is important to note that Gilresh’s egotism showed through when he preceded to jump off of a 30ft. ledge believing that he would land without issue as he saw Sister Navir do earlier. He did not land without issue, though I doubt he learned anything from the experience. Fortunately Chauncy found a box full of Rings of Featherfalls in the mindflayer’s arcane laboratory. At least now none of us will have to worry about falling.

Tiamat Day-Five years later

Erevan’s Letter to Radu

Another sunny Tiamat Day
Written in Elven
My dearest brother Valinae, I’ve written to inform you that there may be quite some delay in my return this year. There has been a bit excitement at this year’s Tiamat Day. I shall explain to you what I can, but there is some sensitive information I have omitted due to the risk of this letter falling into the wrong hands.

Let me start at the beginning. After a week of spelling the walls of Gilresh’s temple I met up with Arshes, Thorn, and Chauncy at the usual spot. It was quite the emotional reunion. Chauncy was in tears sobbing, “I’ve lost her. I’ve lost her,” over and over. Yes, yes, this was not a joyous reunion. It would seem that our party’s beloved little sneak thief has gone missing. It wasn’t until after Arshes managed to thoroughly inebriate the distraught dragonborn that we managed to learn anything, the particulars of which I cannot explain here.

We picked up a bright pink fuzz ball at the tavern where Chauncy got sloshed. It followed us to Gilresh at the Temple of Tiamat where it oh so politely informed us that it was searching for Rayne as well. While this IS a suspicious coincidence, it seemed harmless enough. Alright. Alright. The fuzz ball is really an elf that looks after the local orphans. What was her name again, Sister Nam-Nab-no, it’s Sister Navir. The avenger seems to have once looked after our absent tiefling and shall join us in our search for her. On a side note, she has a real flare for fashion.

You’ll never guess who’s also fond of fashion. Gilresh. That narcissistic dragonborn frequently changes his clothes at-will to match his surroundings. Tiamat’s chosen one has become utterly metrosexual.

Speaking of Tiamat, his High Priest almost got assassinated today and his temple was bombed. Apparently the terrorists are a new group, the Sons of Io, or so they say. Gilresh took a knife to the gut and Chauncy got a nice one across the back. The assassin that targeted the shaman must have been new; died on his own weapon. Unfortunately, none of the assassins survived for questioning. Fortunately, we found a few more outside who readily succumbed to Chauncy’s inquisition, after Thorn healed her. The sorcerer’s a little on edge right now. Just look at the solid gold doors in the temple and tell me he’s not. He bent them all the way back to the door frame.

I must say, I do pity Gilresh. The statue of Tiamat his temple was so proud of was the target of the bombing. The terrorists papered his festival with propaganda. The source of which, I might add, brought me far too close to what sounded like a dragon. Makes me wonder if Tiamat is testing Gilresh. The high priest does seem to be getting a little large around the middle as of late.

Anyway, we were faced with a new enemy we knew nothing about. Luckily, Chauncy was friends with someone who was in a position to help guide us as to where to go next. Well, after Gilresh helped persuade our kind friend with several handfuls of gold pieces. His temple has been doing very well these past five years.

The trip to Chauncy’s friend was more than interesting. His jelly addiction showed through, and Arshes was robbed. Truly, that swordmage has no perception. Thankfully the rest of us aren’t so unaware.

Hopefully this letter finds you well. It is such a shame how you just suddenly came down with such a severe cold. Please inform those who need to know of my circumstances and know that I shall return as soon as everything is settled. Until then, take care, and Arshes sends her regards.


Year 5

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A sever thunderstorm
Written in Primordial and in Code
Not even the weather can cheer me up today. I’m going crazy. The Night of the Watch won’t give me any assignments outside of the Feywild, and Radu’s watching me like a hawk so that I don’t run off without him. Sure, I could probably slip past him one night, but he knows me well enough that I know I won’t get far without him catching up. No, I need a legit reason to leave. One that doesn’t cause my poor brother to think I’m ditching him…again. The only problem is that I can’t think of one.

Year 4

Excerpts from Rayne’s Journal

411, Juillion 17

We’ve made it to Kaldonis. This is where that anal general keeps it. His journal. The man keeps a journal of every tactic that’s ever worked and not worked for him. It is where he writes down every human and non human interaction he’s had. I just need to find the right year, and then I’ll know. Who knew it would be this easy? Easy being the relative term. We still have to sneak into his living quarters without being seen and find the dang thing. Not like he just keeps it on his nightstand. This will take a lot of planning.

411, Seption 11

Tonight’s the night. If I don’t write in here again we all know Tolaska found us and had us executed.

411, Seption 12

I was certain the previous entry in this journal would have been my last. The gods of thievery must have been with us. Besides a few dead guards, there wasn’t much trouble. We found the journal thanks to Chauncy’s magic and I stole the books I thought I’d need. Of course reading it would not turn out to be as easy as I had hoped. The infuriating man wrote in a code. It will take some time to decipher them. Chauncy thinks we should go see the others in the imperial city and have our vampire take a look at it. He should be able to make something out of it. I agree, and I have missed everyone. With this maybe I’ll remember who I was.

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A windless night on the eve of the New Moon
Written in Elven
Tirhaskan’s back and completely ignoring the Tiamat alter. I think she’d have been fine with it if there was also a Raven Queen alter, but really, she knows we’re not that religious. Still, I’ll talk to Radu about it and see if he can find one for her. Religion aside, my little familiar has informed me that we will begin training tomorrow in the true arts of a witch. Apparently I’ve learned too much from the wizards I’ve met on the road. Radu’s offered to help, as to be expected. Seeing as he’s strong enough to be target practice, neither Tirhaskan nor I objected.

A breezy twilight
Written in Deep Speech and in code
Work’s picked up for both Radu and me. We’ve even had a few missions together. By now, I’ve canvased the whole of the Feywild…for the most part. My quest for knowledge has left we with the words of traveler’s to look too, seeing as there are no books here with the knowledge I seek. Oh, how I despise dealing with people. I’d look elsewhere, perhaps in the natural world, if only I could get my superiors to give me a mission beyond the Feywild.

A week before Tiamat Day-chilly
Written in Elven
Radu’s come down with some strange illness. Strange in that none of the local witches know how to cure him. But how can one cure an illness that is self-inflicted. I can feel it. His very soul is becoming like unto my own. Whereas my origin changed naturally, he’s forcing it to happen. It wouldn’t have been possible, I’m sure, if it wasn’t an inevitable change. Still, I worry for him. We won’t be going to Tiamat Day this year, it would seem. I’ve somehow managed to get the Full Moon witches to agree to help stabilize him until this illness passes. I’m not worried about him surviving; we both’ve lived through worse, but the less emotional scarring it leaves, the better.

Year 3

Excerpts from Rayne’s Journal

410, 21 Janvius
The nightmares won’t stop. They began in Oction in the imperial city. Everything there, it reminds me…it reminds me of what! I see the scars on my hand and I know it’s not just some accident with a throwing knife. I can see them, laughing over me. “We’re supposed to kill her,” one says. “No, this is better,” the bastard answers. It’s him, I know it’s him. That evil Tolaska. Vlad Tolaska. He should be dead. He fought Orcus! Why is he still alive!

410, 26 Janvius
Chauncy has noticed I stopped sleeping. He’s worried. But I can’t sleep. They’ll find me, they’ll see me. Laugh over me. I’ll kill them! But who? Who will I kill. That infernal song plays through my head. "Vi gûl hiril, vi orod
nin nurar. Nurar.
Sina veth baden
im derel.
Vi duath, Vi duath "
Everyday, I hear it, it haunts me. Why? It’s just a childs song. Made up, nonsense! They should all die. Who must die? Why do they have to die?

410, 8 Mars
Chauncy is my saviour. No other creature could be this kind. He saved me from myself again. And now I remember. Not everything, but enough. It’s time for me to quit playing the humble hunter. It’s time to follow the clues.

410, 15 Avrilion
Chauncy just won’t listen to reason. We can’t both go, who will keep our responsibilities here. Who will be here when Arshes comes to visit. He knows he’ll be in the worst kind of danger if he goes with me. And most of my mission requires the up most stealth. I need to find out why. Why did Tolaska send the Claws of Yalas after me. It has to be him, right? No one else I know could be as powerful as to hire them. But he had me captured and at his mercy. Why am I not dead yet?

410, 5 Mai
Chauncy has become ever vigilant of me. He sticks to me like glue. He knows I want to give him the slip. He’s just too stubborn. Much too stubborn for me. I guess I’m going to have to take him with me. I just hope he realizes what he’s gotten himself into. He’s really just a kid after all- Even if he’s considered one of the great heroes who saved the world.

410, 30 Seption
We’re heading to the Imperial city. Our quest will start there. We’ll head there under the guise of seeing all our friends. Then at the end of the celebrations we’ll begin the search as brother and sister humans. We’ll be more inconspicuous that way. Not very many tieflings that travel in dragonborn company. Chauncy wants to leave a not to Arshes so she won’t worry. It’s dangerous to do as such, so we’ve decided he will have to lie to her. It’s not that I don’t trust Arshes, but you can’t tell anyone what you don’t know. It’ll be safer for her that way. It’s bad enough Chauncy will be put in danger.

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A chilly dawn
Written in Primordial
Apparently Arshes visited Radu while I was away on…business. He only bothered to tell me when I mentioned that the war ring that I had given him seemed to be missing from his finger. He said he gifted it to his fellow swordmage to keep her safe on her travels. Understandable, considering how we both value the young Genasi.

A cool and cloudy evening
Written in Elven
We set a record this year. We’ve now had two visitors. Thorn somehow found his to Mithrendain the other day. I must say, I am quite thankful for his visit. If it wasn’t for him, I might never have known that Radu has been tying me to the bed to keep me from floating off with all of the blankets while I slept.

A calm midday
Written in Common
Anastrianna and her mate, Zandrial left this morning. Radu’s been depressed since. He really like the panthers. Now that I can no longer speak to them, I’ve felt that this day’s been inevitable. I’ll take him out to eat tonight to see if that will cheer him up.

Tiamat Day-Finally, some rain
Written in Supernal
We arrived early enough this past week for me to finish spelling the roof. Just in time, too, since Tiamat Day experienced a few heavy showers, though it didn’t dampen the festival even remotely. At least now Gilresh won’t have to worry about the roof rotting and falling in on him. Radu spent most of the time asking Gilresh all about Tiamat, and somehow managed to order a Tiamat alter for our house. Neither of us have ever been very religious, but it’s the thought that counts. I’m not sure how Tirhaskan’s going to feel about it, though. Fortunately, she won’t know about it until it’s too late, seeing as she’s off wondering again. Perhaps she’s visiting Anastrianna. They always seemed to get along fine. Radu and I ended the festival in the usual manner, satiated. I must say I am rather getting to like the Imperial City.

Year 2

Excerpts from Rayne’s Journal

409, Avrilion 3.
I heard Chauncy humming the sweetest tune while grooming the lizards the other day. I asked him where he’d learned it and he looked at my slightly puzzled for a second. It seems it’s something I hum whenever I go out to practice throwing my knives. I never noticed I hummed anything. I didn’t even know I knew any songs. Must be one of those nursery rhyme things you never forget. Even if you can’t remember how old you are.

409, Avrilion 7
After sitting for an afternoon with non stop thinking, I think I have finally remember the first line of that nursery rhyme! “You must know what I now know” It’s really pretty! I sing it all the time, who knew I could sing? I think Chauncy’s going to get annoyed if I don’t learn another verse though. He insists that he doesn’t know this nursery rhyme. Maybe dragonborn just have really different childhood songs than tieflings. Probably something about how great Balasar defeated the evil Leucis. Meanwhile the tiefling song must be about how the great Leucis defeated the evil Balasar. I’m sure that’s it.

409, Avrilion 11
We were in Fourfalls today. Great news! Annabell, the bartenders daughter, is going to be married. Seems she met a very handsome soldier during the rebuilding and he’s been visiting her whenever he’s on leave. I asked her if she’d ever her a song that started with “You must know what I now know.” She says she hasn’t, but if it’s a tiefling thing I should go ask another tielfing. They’ve got to know something, right?

409, Avrilion 12
Lucky me! A tiefling caravan just wandered in from Bael Turath to sell their wares. Unlucky me, not a one knows the song at all. In fact the more I talk with them the more I suspect I didn’t grow up over there or around too many other tieflings. They were just awful to Chauncy when he came by my side. I didn’t realize the hate ran so deep. I guess it’s really weird that we live together. They did sell me a few new books to read as well as general lore. Though I’m sure they tried to rip me off. The jerks. I made sure they’d regret ripping off an innocent customer such as myself. Now Chauncy and I can go buy some fancy food for the lizards. We’re eating good tonight!

409, Avrilion 18
I remembered the second line last night. I dreamed it I think. It must be because it was plaguing my mind. “Vi gûl hiril, vi orod,” This is no tiefling song. It’s elvish. It means roughly “In the witch mountains” in the common tongue. Why do I even know Elvish?

Erevan’s Contemplations and Records

A cloudy evening
Written in Draconic
Finished reading the last tome of our local library. Rediscovering my ability to perfectly recall all helped speed up the process. It’s astounding what one can forget with disuse. I wonder what else I could have forgotten. It would seem that I’ve also started picking up a few languages as a result as well. Perhaps they might help in my search.

A slight drizzling afternoon
Written in Primordial and in code
Radu’s nervous, as seems to be the usual these days. Our superiors must have told him that I have requested extra work that involves travel. I swear, they like him too much. If only I believed it was merely my safety he was worried about. As it were, I now have access to more libraries, and to more knowledge, so long as I keep performing my job perfectly, as always.

A misty morning
Written in Deep Speech
Strange things have been happening lately. Anastrianna won’t talk to me much anymore, and Tirhashkan left. Wherever that crazy little kitten got off to better include souvenirs, for all the trouble Radu’s giving me about his disappearance; Tirhashkan is more than capable of handling herself. Perhaps even better than me. But stranger still, it seems, is that the shadows have begun to speak to me, as the Feywild once did, but does no longer.

Noon on the Full Moon
Written in Elven and in code
My clan visited me to inform me of my swift removal from the clan registrar. It would seem that the gradual changes I had observed in my very soul were not so gradual. The ways of the light, even if it be only moonlight, have left me, they said. No word of opposition could I produce. I agreed with them. I could no longer produce such a glorious presence as I once could. Now, the true face of my witch brings only fear. My path now lies beneath the darkness of the New Moon.

Midnight on the New Moon
Written in Elven and in code
Tirhashkan finally returned, walking among shadows as if they were her very fur, with a souvenir: my first ritual book. I was instructed, as I always am with her, that not all witches are granted the knowledge of how to perform rituals. Not all witches, she informed me, have the patience for the art. And yes, ritual casting is indeed an art. Though I must say, how difficult can it be to perform a ritual that reads omens. The very nature of a witch is intertwined with prophesy.

Tiamat Day-must it always be this sunny
Written in Supernal
Is there no way that Tiamat Day can become Tiamat Night? Surely then the ground might not be so hot! Not that me feet ever touch the ground anymore. As Radu enjoyed the festivities I went to have words with Gilresh. It was merely a small matter concerning his temple, but he seemed more than enthusiastic about it. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s Dragonborn or because he’s Tiamat’s high priest, but either way, I do not know how he can find a little ritual casting here and there that exciting. When Radu finally found me, I was stuck on the roof, preserving it, while a fascinated teenage Dragonborn watched me from the ground. Now, I must say that I only ended up occupying about 5 minutes of the High Priest’s time, as it was merely the first casting and we were making sure everything went well. But nevertheless, Radu informed me that if I was to continue to do this each year, which I will, we would be coming several days earlier, so as not to distract anyone during this time of celebration. When he speaks so eloquently, who could argue against him. And as the year before, we satisfied our hungers with a partner or two before slipping off into the night.


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